Equine Experiential Learning

Why horses?

Equine Experiential Learning (EEL) is a research-based methodology that offers safe experiences with specially trained horses for social/emotional skill building in professional contexts.

Building on a compelling evidence base of theory and practice, Equiano works with horses to deliver immersive learning experiences that are sensory, emotionally engaging, and help create unique “aha moments”. (It should be noted that our workshops do not focus on equine therapy and we do not provide therapeutic services.)

Horses act as powerful bio-feedback and learning partners. Horses are both prey animals, primed to sense danger and flee if threatened, as well as herd animals that seek safety in a group, typically looking for strong but gentle leadership. They provide in-the-moment reflections of our behaviour, both conscious and unconscious.


Trust in the workplace is important, but how do we build it and recognise it? Horses continuously assess humans to determine if they can trust us to keep them safe: they seek a balance of power, kindness, and consistency in ways that parallel what people require to trust too.


Mastering non-verbal communication is a critical skill. Horses, who are acutely attuned to humans’ body language and energy, give us remarkable insights into how we ‘show up’ for others, and how we can enhance the impact of everything we don’t say.


True leaders have followers: can you convince an independent creature of 500kg to follow you? Horses don’t care about our CV – they care if we are present, strong, gentle, and have clarity of purpose. They are exceptional partners in allowing us to bring key leadership attributes together.

Hands down, the best leadership training I’ve ever done.

Senior political adviser, Ministerial Office

This workshop gave me new insights into how I understand trust – how I can behave in ways that will help others build trust in me and how I trust others through their behaviour. This workshop has brought all the pieces together for me!

Peta Tyndall, Human Factors Specialist, V-Line 

I’ll admit I was sceptical coming in, but it was incredible. I can’t believe how much I learned.

Professor Matthew Harding, Dean, Melbourne Law School

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