Our workshops

Equiano runs full-day workshops for workplace teams and groups of individuals. We work with teams of all levels of seniority, including C-suites and boards, and custom-design to meet specific needs.

Using specially trained horses to facilitate experiential learning, we help clients develop ‘EQ’ and other important ‘soft skills’ essential for successful leadership and high performance teams. All of our workshops are designed to be safe and welcoming for people with no experience of horses and no riding is involved.

Team building and team reconnection workshops

Our half-day team building and team reconnection workshops explore the dynamics of successful teams and the role every individual plays in building healthy team culture. With a focus on activities designed to explore the importance of trust and the impact of communication – both verbal and non-verbal – the workshop considers what it means to be ‘present’ in a team, how to communicate with clarity of purpose, and how to perform in a ‘high trust, high tension’ zone.

Advanced leadership

Designed for leadership teams, C-suite and Boards, these workshops cater for established leaders and enable some ‘outside the comfort zone’ thinking. Valued by our clients as an unconventional contributor to strategic planning processes and as a complement to board self-assessment exercises, the workshops provide a unique opportunity for decision-makers to challenge their own perspectives of leadership, teams and workplace culture.

Emerging and early career leaders

This leadership workshop provides an intensive exploration of the skills needed to build and enhance leadership. Here, participants gain awareness of their leadership style preferences as well as insights into how they may develop their leadership approach to achieve positive results, both personally and with their teams. Participants gain new insights into problem solving, creative thinking, and how to establish the foundations for mutual trust and influence.

Working across silos and sectors

Working across functions within complex organisations and across industries in multi-sectoral collaborations is notoriously challenging. This workshop brings together members of disparate teams who wish to work together more effectively. The activities are designed to help participants understand not just the theory but also to explore and refine in practice the core skills required for creating common ground, for turning empathy from passive to practical, and for building reciprocally trusting relationships.

Authentic leadership for women

Run by women for women, this workshop offers gentle provocations to challenge women to understand their leadership ability, in a way authentic to each participant’s unique style. Participants report that the workshop gives them more confidence in their authority, enhanced efficacy in their communication styles, and lightbulb moments about ‘intentional leadership’. This workshop offers a sincere way for organisations to invest in the development and wellbeing of valued women team members.

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